Our History

Originally founded in 2008, Service Visuals (Formerly Dunedin) was the creation of our founder, David Lyddall, who during his time operating a service center of his own came to the realization that there was a great need for better methods of communication with customers. He had a few animations created with through his friend Taj Rowland and the help of his animation team in India. Thanks to a great public reception after their debut at a Las Vegas tradeshow, in time those animations became Vehicle Visuals, which is our flagship product - a service designed to give service advisors access to animations to aide in the description of parts and services. Vehicle Visuals grew into the global market over the next couple of years and we needed to expand our team to cater to international clients more effectively. It was then that David invited his longtime friend Jonathan Cairns to take on the monstrous task of growing the business around the world. We have since come to offer the option of custom animation commissions that have been useful to a variety of clients, in and out of the automotive industry. Our most recent development has been our custom mobile app service, better known as vvGarage; a product designed to make the ever-useful mobile app accessible to every workshop, large or small, at an affordable price.

Service Visuals continues to grow today, and our products are used on every continent at over 15,000 workshops.

Our Mission

For over a decade, our mission has been to bridge communication gaps, build trust, and increase revenue for our clients around the world. We believe that when a service advisor takes the time to offer an explanation of a part of service in a way that is accessible to the customer, that customer comes away from the interaction with renewed trust in the garage they’ve chosen. With that trust, it is easier for the customer to comfortably approve present and future services and repairs, meaning increased revenue for the garage for years and generations to come.

We aspire to always deliver a quality product at an affordable rate and offer tools to assist our clients in getting the most out of their subscription.

A picture says a thousand words. Sell more. Talk less.